Fundraiser to Advance Midwifery in New Jersey

Midwifery in New Jersey is encountering exciting challenges. We have the potential to have a major impact in New Jersey’s struggle to reduce maternal and infant mortality. However, we are underutilized. Outdated barriers limit our scope of practice and lack of public knowledge about our profession and recognition of our good work impedes our progress. This must be addressed!

Obstacles to access midwifery care in New Jersey include:

  • Department of Health regulations, which must be updated to reflect current state regulations for midwives to practice.
  • Limited access to clinical sites for students and little to no compensation for clinical preceptors.
  • Limited recognition of the contributions of our profession nationally and in New Jersey.
  • Limited access to community birth.
  • Inequitable reimbursement rates for midwifery care.

Please consider making a contribution to our organization. Any donation amount will be greatly appreciated and will positively impact our efforts.

Become a one-time or sustaining donor at any of the following levels and receive an NJ Midwife enamel pin to showcase your support!

¯Platinum  $1,000.00

¯Gold  $750.00

¯Silver  $500.00

¯Bronze  $250.00

You can support this effort now via any of the following payment methods:

Venmo: @Paola-Escobar-acnmnj

PayPal:  (

Check payable to:  New Jersey Affiliate of the ACNM. PO BOX 6072 Clifton, NJ 07015-6072

Thank you again for your dedication to the future of our profession.

Yours respectfully,

Julie, Elisa, Paola, Dawn & Megan

NJ ACNM Affiliate Executive Committee