Benefits of ACNM Membership

To become in involved as an NJ Affiliate you must first join the the American College of Nurse Midwives. There are a variety of important reasons why your professional membership in the ACNM is beneficial to midwives in New Jersey. First and foremost, ACNM as an organization seeks to increase members knowledge concerning the following issues :

  • hospital privileges
  • prescription writing
  • professional liability insurance
  • peer review consumer and midwifery rights
  • provide you with a professional community
  • Provide contact with other CNMs/CMs within the state
  • Allow for exchange of opinions when making decisions affecting the future of CNMs and CMs
  • Obtain input about national midwifery issue

Membership meetings, held at least four times a year, consist of dinner, continuing education, and business portion. Meeting schedule and minutes are available on this website to all NJ area registered members through the Members Only section of the website. Let your voice be heard!

Membership Categories:

      Active Member: (CNM/CM only) Full voting membership in the College and Affiliate

      Active-New Midwife: Full voting membership for CNM/CMs who have been certified for less than 2 years

      Active-Advancing: Full voting membership for CNM/CMs who have been certified for 2 to 4 years.

      Active Supporting: (CNM/CM only) Full voting membership for CNM/CMs who a: retired, non-midwifery full-time student, disabled, missionary, full-time volunteer, employed outside of midwifery or unemployed

       Student: Non-voting membership for those enrolled in ACME-accredited midwifery education program.

       Associate: Non-voting membership for those interested in midwifery and supporting the work of ACNM, who are NOT a CNM/CM or qualified student.

 More information regarding membership categories and dues can be found in members only section of ACNM/Affiliate websites; or by contacting ACNM.