Midwife of the Month

Louise Aucott, CNM, MS

Louise Aucott is a true pioneer Midwife in the state of New Jersey.

Described by others: “It’s been amazing to observe the compassionate and sensitive support Louise provides to women and their families. Louise embodies the singular focus needed as a Midwife: keeping her attention on the woman who is laboring before, always being in the moment. She also made sure to empower women as they birthed, making sure that they truly owned their power and their ability to birth the way they desired.” In 1990, Louise founded her practice, Midwifery Care Associates. She stated, “The guiding force behind my life of service has always been advocacy for the parents under my care. My dream of creating a practice which provides the type of care that I would want for myself and for my daughters is now a reality.” “Listening, understanding and just being there, that’s what it’s about for me.” Currently, Louise is not catching babies all hours of the night; however, she remains an active integral part of the NJ Affiliate of the ACNM as our Affiliate Vice President. In addition to all of the above, we should all know that as a pioneer, and wishing to blend the traditional values of Midwifery with the contemporary standards of safety and competence, Louise participated in the formulation of the current New Jersey regulations governing the practice of Midwifery.  She continues to serve as a member of the Midwifery Liaison Committee of the Board of Medical Examiners. Louise Aucott, CNM, MS is truly a Midwifery Pioneer. We thank you for being you and for your unwavering commitments to the Midwives of the state of New Jersey and the families we serve.